Joining In

joining in

Everyone has different talents and these can be used In the life of the church.

  • If you have a interest or talent for music, get involved with others in making music both as part of worship and just for fun.
  • Be part of the team that leads the Live Wires young people's group on Sunday mornings.
  • Help with Sunday services, either through readings, welcoming, serving coffee, flower arrangements or other tasks.
  • Support the Church’s push for justice in the wider world through prayer, advocacy and other practical means
  • Share your interests and skills with others – and if you know about IT then let us know – we need the help!
  • Help at or join in the Tuesday Singing for Fun events and Wednesday Lunches, where we provide companionship and activities of interest to people in the local community.
  • Special events – lend a hand in organising and catering for social events or fundraising for good causes.
  • Assist with the maintenance of our property, either by hands-on work or planning.
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