Social Justice

Social Justice like the Lord's Rain can Change the World

Video - Ewaso-Nyiro-River-Flows-and-Breaks-the-Drought

The Ewaso Nyiro River dried up completely in February 2015 after a prolonged dry season.

On March 23rd, the River flowed again! Here you can witness this marvellous event as the animals come down to drink after struggling during the dry spell.

Published on 27 Mar 2015 --- Copyright EwasoLions Project

Let Justice roll down like water, like the torrent that roars down the parched river bed when God’s rain has fallen on the hills. Let righteousness flow like a spring that never stops, that even in the heat of summer brings life to the dry ground.

(Amos 5 v24) from “The Book of Books – the Bible retold by Trevor Dennis”.

This scripture reading forms the basis for our Social Justice work.

Our Social Justice group:

  • Identifies issues of local, national and global importance which are appropriate for our Church to debate and support and bring them to the attention of our Elders and the Church,
  • Liaises with Rodborough Parish Church and Churches Together in Stroud and, when appropriate, with other local and national agencies and other faith groups with similar concerns.
  • Raises awareness of the Joint Publication Issues Team (JPIT), an ecumenical publication, and
  • Researches identified issues, carry out the preparation work, and recommend appropriate action to the Elders and Church Members.

We aim to achieve this through discussing, praying, encouraging and vigorously supporting Church activities, including:

  • Promoting Christian Aid, including organising a Christian Aid Week event,
  • Promoting URC Commitment for Life.  To see their latest news visit the URC Website Commitment for Life page Click Here
  • Participating in One World Week, including organising an annual service,
  • Supporting the work of Council for World Mission (CWM),
  • Seeking representation at conferences, arranging speakers and lobbying people or organisations of influence on relevant topics such as fair taxation, justice, peace, global warming, refugees etc.
  • Promoting Fair Trade,
  • Promoting local charities e.g. Marah, Foodbank, Street Pastors, Hospice and community activities that touch on social justice,
  • Working with those of other faiths and people of no faith to demonstrate our openness, respect and Christ-like love,
  • Planning an annual All Faith Holocaust remembrance service or event,
  • Gifting of money donated by the congregation through fund-raising activities, including an Emergency Fund, available to respond immediately to public disaster appeals or specific requests for assistance;
  • One local and one national Special Collection each year, approved by Church Meeting, in addition to the Christian Aid (International) collection during Christian Aid Week.

The Committee also supports and liaises with those at our Church representing other selected activities, including:

  • Leprosy Mission
  • Stella Pre-School, Durban, S.A.
  • The Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme (EAPPI),
  • Support for those suffering domestic violence
  • League of Friends of the local hospital
  • Positive Justice Gloucestershire.

For further information regarding the organisations that our church promote and support see our Links page for their website addresses.