What we believe

We are a United Reformed Church this means that we have a broad spectrum of beliefs, holding together within our differences for the greater purpose of serving God in the world. We are not a one size fits all congregation, exploration is key.

This is a church for those with an adventurous faith that seeks and asks questions, even the big questions which challenge all of us.

It is a church for those who believe that tradition is a movement and not something that stands still or is unchangeable. We hope that every believer will find a way of expressing their faith amongst us in shared study, in worship and in discussion time.

The bible has a central place within our thinking and by the grace of God and the action of the Holy Spirit we approach scripture with excitement above certainty.

We have no hierarchy everyone has a place and can play a full part in our life. The next visitor may be the person who changes our life together by opening up new understandings of our faith and should that be so we will celebrate the new discoveries.

We believe in God and in God’s purposes for Love, Justice and Peace in the world. Following the teachings of Jesus leads us to a life where, as we seek to serve our community, reconciliation is a goal. We believe in the value of every person under God, no exceptions, none.

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